SA Pine Decking

CCA Treated Pine Decking from GG Timbers

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CCA Treated SA Pine Decking is widely used and continues to grow in popularity and demand.

It is an excellent choice for the harsh African conditions and when installed, treated and maintained correctly it will last you a lifetime.

CCA Treated SA Pine Decking has many different applications and can for example also be used for decks and walkways, fencing, picnic benches and patio furniture.

Building your own deck is easy and can be a fun project over weekends or holidays. Many of our clients haven’t held a hammer before and we guided them into successfully building their own decks. We will gladly do that for you too!


CCA Treated Pine Decking

Decking is CCA treated to hazard class H3, which is a treatment against termites, woodborer attack and fungal decay, suitable for exterior, above ground applications. This treatment is done in accordance with SANS457 and SANS1288 and overseen by SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services). For more information on treatment of timber please visit

Installation Guidelines:


Decking Installation

Joist spacing is determined by the thickness of the deck/ floor boards. (20 × thickness)
Joist size is determined by bearer spacing and bearer size by the distance between poles.

These specifications are available from the South African National Standard for timber frame building (SANS10082).

Deck boards should be fixed with screws at each joist, leaving a gap of +/- 5mm between boards. Normal chip board screws of the correct size and length can be used. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before coating it with a good quality sealer to protect it against the elements. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist in choosing the right products for your specific needs.

Standard sizes:

  • 22mm x 110mm x 2.4m/ 2.7m/ 3.0m/ 3.3m/ 3.6m
  • 22mm x 90mm x 1.8m/ 2.1m/ 2.4m
  • 22mm x 70mm x 0.6m – 2.4m (increments of 300mm)